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ASH060 (2)

Welcome to the Ashlee Simpson wiki! This is a community project designed as a comprehensive resource for anyone looking for information on Ashlee—her music, her concerts, her television appearances, her roles in films, and so on. Anyone can edit and create articles! We need people to contribute! Feel free to write fan reviews of Ashlee's music, concerts, etc. We also need images: TV screenshots and album/single covers are considered fair use and can be uploaded. We already have a few!

One goal is to set up a chronology of events related to Ashlee and her career. Help make our lists at 2004 and 2005 as complete as possible! We also need a list for 2006.

Here are some basic topics to start out. Most of them have information already, but need a lot of improvement and additions:

Help us create articles for each of Ashlee's concerts! Setlists, personal impressions, anything special that happened at the show. Follow the links here or create a new link using the same format.

Do you know of any press reviews for the shows? Feel free to add links to the reviews next to the shows on the list. So far I've only got two, but I'm sure there's more out there.

We also need articles on all Ashlee's songs! See here.

Her recent movie as well: Undiscovered (movie).

If you have a suggestion about editing this page (the main page), leave a note on the talk page; all other pages are freely editable by anyone.

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